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Nestle launches vegan version of its popular malted-chocolate MILO

Nestle launches vegan version of its popular malted-chocolate MILO
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Beloved chocolate and malt powder brand MILO has launched its dairy-free MILO Plant Based version to cater to a growing number of Aussies wanting vegan milk alternatives.

The plant-based Milo debuted at Coles this week surprising vegan Aussies, who were thrilled to spot the cruelty-friendly version of MILO’s iconic choc-malt beverage at their local supermarket.

Accidentally Vegan Australia, a dedicated page for the “best ‘accidentally’ vegan and vegan foods found in Australia” posted a picture of the plant-based drink with a caption: “MASSIVE NEWS! Now available in @colessupermarkets vegan Milo!!!!!!!.”

Nestlé has made MILO vegan by swapping the usual milk powders with soy, soluble corn fibre, oat flour and sunflower oil. The new version is less sweet than the original and is fortified with iron, zinc and vitamin B12 alongside calcium, vitamin D, B2 and B3.

“As we know people are looking for more plant-based products, it was time to look at how MILO could evolve to offer more options that don’t compromise on taste,” a MILO spokesperson said.

“MILO Plant-Based is created using the same core ingredients as original MILO – malt, barley and cocoa, but we’ve taken out the milk powder, reduced the added sugar, and added plant-based ingredients from soy and oats.”

 Milo’s fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the announcement as they pooled comments on social media.

 “Omg there’s now a vegan milo being sold… TAKE ALL MY MONEY,” wrote one Twitter user.

“So apparently Nestle have brought out vegan milo. this may be the best news ever as i can finally be a true aussie again,” tweeted another.

This has genuinely made my whole life,” commented a third.

Plant milk boom

The demand for vegan milk has been rising globally as more and more people are ditching dairy products for health, ethical and environmental reasons.

In Australia, consumption of dairy milk has steadily dropped while demand for plant-based milk has soared. It now accounts for about 7 per cent of all milk consumed in the country.

Australians prefer almond milk with its demand increasing over the past five years from less than 20 percent of the dairy -free market to almost half, according to research company IBISWorld. 

According to data compiled by the Good Food Institute (GFI) and the Plant Based Foods Association, while almond milk remains a top favourite in the US, oat milk sales spiked by a staggering 686 percent in 2019.

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