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Nestlé's vegan KitKat chocolate bars coming to the UK
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Swiss-based multinational food and drink giant Nestlé is launching a vegan Kitkat bar, according to an Insider – but there is no official announcement yet.

Nestlé’s is reportedly launching vegan KitKat chocolate bars in the UK.

The news comes via food account Vegan food UK, which posted images of the packaging displaying the word ‘vegan’ as well as the ingredients.

Taking to Instagram, the food account wrote: “OMG! This is HUGE NEWS. VEGAN KITKATS ARE COMING!” 


It added: “We can’t say our source, but Vegan KitKats are coming to the UK market…”

‘News to wake up to’

 Several Instagram users were quick to react to the news, expressing their excitement over the prospect of a vegan KitKat

“OMG, this is literally what I’ve been banging on about for so long. I’ve always said asking as I get a vegan kit kat. I ain’t ever going back,” read one comment.

“Aahhh now this is a good kind of news to wake up to!” commented another

“Oh my goodness! I’ll take 164759 packets.” wrote a third.

Nestlé’s expanding vegan portfolio

Nestlé has been steadily expanding its vegan range to woo vegans and flexitarians.

Last September it launched a vegan version of its iconic Rowntree’s fruit pastilles.

It also veganized other classic products including Jelly Tots, Carnation vegan condensed milk, and Nescafé Gold dairy alternative lattes.

The Swiss conglomerate also offers dairy-free products made from rice, oat, soy, coconut, and almonds.

New vegan chocolate options

 KitKat isn’t the only iconic chocolate to have got a vegan makeover this year. In January, Mars launched vegan Bounty and Topic chocolate bars.

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats GM Michelle Frost said: “Galaxy Vegan proved incredibly popular and we believe that Topic Vegan and Bounty Vegan will add something excitingly different to the free-from category”.

Currently, Mars offers five different flavors in its vegan Galaxy range including smooth orange, caramel, and sea salt, as well as a crumbled cookie, and smooth mint, which it released last September.

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