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Oatly’s newest campaign encourages people to “eat like a vegan”

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Swedish vegan brand Oatly has installed a huge billboard at London’s Waterloo station to promote veganism.

Image Credit: Oatly

Even as the demand for the company’s oat-based milk continues to soar, the brand is trying innovative ways to get more people to go vegan.

Image Credit: Oatly

Its latest campaign includes a huge advertisement post erected above cafes and turnstiles at central London’s busiest metro station.

Image Credit: Oatly

The Waterloo station has an average footfall of around two hundred and fifty thousand people daily and commuters were treated to not only a huge signage reading “Go ahead, eat like a vegan,” but Oatly also handed out free samples of oat-based ice cream which it served from a bright pink and white ice cream truck parked at the station on Tuesday. 

Image Credit; Oatly

The billboard campaign follows the launch of three vegan ice cream flavors in Tesco supermarkets last month.

Image Credit: Oatly

“It’s ice cream. And it’s pretty common knowledge that ice cream makes everyone happy. Then add in good vibes from the fact that all three flavors are made without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources. Wow,” said a brand spokesperson at the launch.

Image Credit: Oatly

 With the vegan market projected to scale $140 billion in sales by 2029, the demand for plant-based foods continues to motivate companies to come up with innovative alternatives to cater to the growing market.

Earlier this month, Leeds based ice-cream brand Northern Bloc launched a new vegan ice cream flavor with caramelized almond pieces and a caramel swirl.

Ben & Jerry’s launched a limited edition ‘The Im-BOSH-ible ice cream burger’ available in select European scoop shops for this month.

Last month, IKEA launched its Mr. Whippy-style vegan soft serve ice cream in Edinburgh.

Which is your favorite vegan ice cream brand? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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