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Ojah to launch “the world’s first vegan ribs”

Image Credit: Ojah

The Dutch plant-based ingredient producer Ojah has created Heppi-the ‘world’s first’ vegan ribs from pea protein.

After 6 years of research, Ojah, who is already well known for its chicken alternative- Plenti will launch its latest pea derived vegan ribs at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Paris next month.

Image Credit: Ojah

While Plenti is soya based, Heppi, has been developed using peas and water. The new high moisture extruded (HME) product has minimal ingredients and a 25% protein content.

The company claims Heppi delivers the same “bite, mouthfeel and juiciness” of meat.

Joeri Hollink, Ojah’s head of product development said: “For the past 6 years, Ojah has been working on extending its HME ingredients portfolio.

Image Credit: Ojah

“We were focussed on developing a new texture, based on a different protein source than soya, but with the same WOW-effect as Plenti.

Clarifying on why the company considers Heppi to be the world’s first vegan ribs, Hollick told Vegconomist: “We know there are plant-based products in the market that carry the title ‘ribs’, but these products are either based on tempeh, tofu or seitan (gluten). They are based on traditional meat substitutes, that have been adopted by vegans and vegetarians in the western world for decades.

Image Credit: Ojah

“However, these textures do not resemble meat and most definitely not the texture of slow cooked pork ribs, which are so much desired by meat lovers.

“Ojah has succeeded to get as close as possible to this specific meaty texture and therefore dares to claim that these ribs are in fact the world’s first vegan ribs.”

Packed as a ‘rack’ of 10 ribs, Ojah’s Heppi can be barbecued or cooked in an oven and can be served on a bun as a vegan rib burger.

After showcasing the vegan ribs in the trade fest, Ojah will introduce the ribs in Dutch foodservice outlets and then expand production capacity to make Heppi™ available to selected food manufacturing partners in the second half of 2020.

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