Papa John’s has launched a vegan cheesy hot dog pizza, and people are loving it | Totally Vegan Buzz

Papa John’s has launched a vegan cheesy hot dog pizza, and people are loving it

Papa John’s Has Launched A Vegan Cheesy Hot Dog Pizza, And People Are Loving It_TotallyVeganBuzz
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Pizza delivery chain Papa John’s has added a new hot dog-style vegan pizza to its UK menu.

The US-inspired pizza is covered in vegan cheese, plant-based hot dog sausages and mustard – and has a Heinz Tomato Ketchup base.

The sausage is made from soy, while Papa John’s uses Sheese in place of dairy cheese – to match its other vegan options which were released earlier this year.

The company now offers a total of four vegan pizzas which can be ordered online, as well as the plant-based Marmite Sheese scrolls.

So far the reaction to the hot dog pizza has been largely positive, as customers took to social media to celebrate the new pizza.

But others weren’t so convinced by the unique combination of toppings and base.

Papa John’s has 350 restaurants across the UK and has been building its vegan offering this year.

However, there were some teething issues following the launch as some customers complained they were given dairy cheese rather than plant-based Sheese.

In one case a pregnant woman fell sick after staff ran out of Sheese, so used dairy cheese instead.

At the time, Papa John’s told Totally Vegan Buzz in a statement: “Having been notified of a limited number of issues related to orders of our vegan cheese alternative pizzas, we will be investigating these with the relevant franchise owners as a matter of urgency and will be conducting thorough checks throughout our entire network.”

See Totally Vegan Buzz’s review of the Papa John’s vegan pizza launch here.

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