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PETA blasts Louis Vuitton over animal claims

The premier fashion label has claimed its uses only humanely sourced materials for its designs.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has threatened to file a lawsuit against Louis Vuitton over its ‘false claims’ of using humanely sourced materials, which could lead to a potential “consumer fraud action” against the fashion label as a result.

In a letter addressed to Louis Vuitton chairman and CEO Michael Burke, PETA’s Vice President and legal counsel Jared Goodman, demanded that Burke “immediately end [his] false representations that the animals used for Louis Vuitton products ‘are humanely farmed.’”

He added that such comments amount to “fraud,” and the organization hoped the luxury goods brand will recognize its “untenable position and, at the least, immediately cease making this and any other false claims to misrepresent the suffering inherent in your company’s supply chain.”

In another report, fashion insiders revealed the brand has also started using fox, chinchilla, and sable furs after the Danish mass mink cull disrupted mink fur supply.

Cruel exotic-skins industry

PETA and its affiliates have carried several undercover investigations to expose the cruelty of the exotic-skins industry, including within LVMH’s supply chain

Goodman in his letter cited a PETA-affiliate exposé of Vietnam crocodile farms, which supplied skins to LVMH for years.

The video showed the sordid conditions of the farms in which tens of thousands of crocodiles were imprisoned in small, concrete enclosures – some narrower than the length of their bodies.

No humane way to exploit animals

Concluding that “no matter how animals are killed, there is no humane way to exploit them for their skins,” Goodman added that several major designers, including Calvin Klein and Chanel, and retailers, such as Nordstrom and Selfridges, have already banned exotic skins from their supply chains and Louis Vuitton could “avoid legal proceedings” by removing all exotic skins from your offerings immediately.”

The animal charity has launched a petition to urge LVMH to shed fur and exotic skins from Louis Vuitton and all its other brands. You can be a part of it here.

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