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Angry Piers Morgan brands new vegan butcher shop “utterly ridiculous”
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The TV host often airs his anti-vegan views to berate the lifestyle.

Controversial TV host Piers Morgan has declared he wants to ‘buy 1,000 Big Macs’ in retaliation to the vegan protests that disrupted supply to McDonald’s 1,300 restaurants across the UK.

Protestors with Animal Rebellion shut down four depots in Basingstoke, Coventry, Hemel Hempstead, and Heywood. The protests began at 4.30 am on 22 May.

The protests were held in part to get the fast-food chain to commit to plant-based meals only by 2025.

A spokesperson added the action was also aimed at calling out the animal agriculture industry for its part in the global climate crisis.

Demonstrations ended early yesterday morning as police dispersed the crowds.

But Morgan was riled enough to tweet his support for the global fast-food chain and thwart the vegan agenda.

He wrote: “This makes me want to buy 1000 Big Macs tomorrow.”

Online debate

Morgan’s tweet to his 7.4 million fans sparked an online debate.

Some agreed with his saucy stance. “ Vegan food is marvellous Piers, especially when accompanied by a large sirloin steak,” wrote one user.

“I respect their choice to be vegan…. but they should also respect mine to love a McChicken Sandwich …. it’s only fair,” commented another.

However, many didn’t agree to Morgan’s brazen comment:

 “Like saying I will go out & buy load of fags & smoke myself to death over anti-cancer campaigners blockading British American Tobacco,” a tweet read.

Another commented: Eat it if you want. They protested because there isn’t a vegan option and there bloody well should be!”

“Not at all, I think they’re doing a great thing blocking the flesh trucks. You should gain some compassion,” a third added.

McPlant burger

Despite the pro-tweet, McDonald’s hasn’t always been in Morgan’s good books. Last year, the 56-year-old lashed out at the fast-food giant when it announced it will be testing its vegan McPlant burger in various markets in 2021.

The former Good Morning Britain host branded the range ‘total nonsense’ and added that the product should not be called a burger.

 “The McPlant, the meat-free range, it’s obviously total nonsense,” Morgan said at the time.

“Look it up in the dictionary, a burger is a meat product, so is a sausage. Why do vegans want to use our language?”

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