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Piers Morgan has revealed he’s “Gone vegan for the animals”

Piers Morgan Has Revealed He’s Gone Vegan For The Animals
Image: Good Morning Britain

Former meat fanatic and vegan-hater Piers Morgan has revealed he has ‘gone vegan for the animals’.

The presenter told Good Morning Britain viewers of his new diet this morning, explaining that he ‘can’t keep on living a lie’.


Morgan was highly critical of veganism surrounding the release of the Greggs vegan sausage roll, labelling the company ‘PC-ravaged clowns’.

The UK bakery chain then sent Morgan a vegan roll to eat live on ITV in January, but the presenter took one bite and spat it into the bin.

Piers Morgan Has Revealed He’s Gone Vegan For The Animals
Image: Good Morning Britain

But in a shock U-turn, Morgan revealed today: “I may have spat the vegan roll out, but that was just for dramatic effect.

“The small taste I got was so delicious, I actually came back when we had finished shooting and ate the leftovers, straight out of the bin.

‘Open mind’

“Since realising how delicious plant-based food can be, I’ve done lots of research and tried to consider my life choices with an open mind.

“I’m taking a new approach to life based around love and compassion for all animals, our planet and my health.”

Morgan will do well to make peace with many vegans, after consistently mocking the diet and complaining on Twitter about countless vegan product launches.

“I know I’ve been an insufferable b*****d to every single vegan I’ve ever spoken to and viewers across the country for decades, but I’m truly vegan for the animals now and want to ask for your forgiveness,” he continued.

“I’ve actually been vegan for a month now and I’m feeling healthier than ever.”

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