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Piers Morgan Branded A ‘Misleading Plonker’ For Bizarre Attack On Vegans

Piers Morgan has been slammed for attacking vegans in a brash interview about Iceland’s banned Christmas advert.

Morgan made bizarre comments about soy products and vegans during an interview with Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker about the supermarket’s anti-palm oil Christmas advert.

The Good Morning Britain presenter grilled Walker about Iceland’s decision to campaign against palm oil.

“Palm oil production currently counts for one tenth of global deforestation caused by livestock and beef production, and less than half of that by veggie and vegan staple soybeans,” he barked.

“So vegans, right, who will all be cooing and crying over these lovely smiley orangutans, are actually scoffing soy beans, which is actually twice as problematic for the devastation of global deforestation than palm oil.

“Why aren’t you campaigning against soybeans?”


Viewers were quick to put Morgan in his place, explaining the vast majority of soy beans are produced for livestock feed.


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During the interview, Iceland’s managing director explained that the supermarket has pledged to remove palm oil from 450 of its own products, but still stocks brands containing palm oil.

Morgan fired questions such as: “How many orangutans are you personally killing?

“You’re the boss of Iceland, you are not legally required, by law, to stock anything are you? Are you?

“So you don’t have to stock these 200 products that have palm oil, do you? So why do you?”


Walker calmly explained the decision: “We walk the tightrope, we are in business to make money… if I just delisted hundreds of products that would be commercial suicide.

“We are not anti palm oil, we are anti deforestation…We want to give customers a choice. We need to give customers a range of everyday items.

“If customers come into stores and they see Iceland on the label, they can be assured it doesn’t contain palm oil.

“We would love to be able to control some of the biggest brands in the world but we have proved it is possible. When we first started out on this journey two years ago, we were told it’s not even possible.”

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