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Piers Morgan says ‘Hypocrite’ vegans are responsible for ‘slaughtering insects’ in debate with PETA director

Piers Morgan Says ‘Hypocrite’ Vegans Are Responsible For ‘Slaughtering Insects’ In Debate With PETA Director
Piers Morgan has repeatedly launched into anti-vegan rants. Image: Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has been slammed for ‘bullying’ a vegan guest on his show after launching into a typically aggressive anti-vegan rant.

The Good Morning Britain presenter hosted a section titled ‘Veganism: Healthy Or Health Fad’ which featured PETA’s UK Director Elisa Allen.

Morgan accused Allen and vegans as a whole of ‘hypocrisy’ for choosing a diet which avoids meat or dairy, while consuming products which he said are responsible for ‘slaughtering’ bees.

“You are eating stuff that is caused by exterminating millions of insects,” the presenter barked.

“Do you drink almond milk? You know that literally billions of bees get killed to make almond milk?”

Allen composed herself and replied: “What I also know is billions of animals are getting slaughtered for their flesh. I care about all animals.”


In typical brash and aggressive style, Morgan carried on his probe: “Care about the bees or not? You work for PETA, so do you care about them or not? Why would you encourage the slaughter of billions of bees? It’s hypocritical.”

The presenter gave little chance for Allen to explain her choices, but co-presenter Susanna Reid reasoned that vegans ‘have to eat something’.

But Morgan continued: “I’m really curious about the hypocrisy.

“My bee in the bonnet about it is [vegans are] so aggressive about it and anti-meat eaters. If you want to be vegan do your thing I don’t care. If you want to be vegan and scream at me all day I’ll have a problem with it.”

Viewers were unimpressed by Morgan’s assault, with some labelling the presenter a ‘bully’.

What do you think of Piers Morgan’s latest outburst? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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