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Pret has added 8 new delicious vegan dishes because it’s ‘what customers want’

Pret Has Added 8 New Delicious Vegan Dishes Because It’s ‘What Customers Want’
Image: Pret

Pret is upping its vegan range as the company makes a huge overhaul to adapt to changing consumer demands.

The brand announced the biggest overhaul in its 33-year history, introducing 20 new recipes – eight of which are vegan.

Smashed avocado, gluten free bread, roasted chestnuts and dishes inspired by Asian cuisine feature heavily on the menu – which Pret said is packed full of delicious umami flavours.

Vegan options

The company has spent years developing a gluten-free bread from a recipe of oat, teff, buckwheat and quinoa flours, with millet, red quinoa, sourdough and treacle.

Pret has added 8 new delicious vegan dishes because it’s ‘what customers want’
Image: Pret

For a gluten-free vegan lunch option the bread can be topped with smashed avocado for £3.25.

For early risers the breakfast offer includes the new gluten-free bread, which can be topped with coconut, Pret’s five berry compote, fresh blueberries and coconut chips for £3.25.

Or the new bread recipe can be smothered in Almond Butter & Berry Bircher for £2.35, which contains coconut yoghurt, shredded apple and almond butter, berry compote and caramelised pecans.

For granola fans Pret has released the Topical Bircher for £2.99, which contains gluten-free granola, coconut yoghurt, mango and banana sunshine smoothie, passionfruit juice, shredded apple, diced fresh mango and coconut chips.


For on-the-go lunch options, the company has introduced a Hummus & Chipotle Wrap for just £2.99.

The wrap contains a generous helping of hummus with spicy chipotle ketchup, fresh coriander, sliced red peppers, crunchy carrot & mooli slaw, pickled cabbage, carrot and spinach.

Pret has added 8 new delicious vegan dishes because it’s ‘what customers want’
Image: Pret

And there’s more on offer for avo-lovers, as Pret has also introduced a Roast Mushroom & Smashed Avocado Pot for £2.99. The pot also features diced mango, pickled cabbage & carrot and edamame beans.

Another nutritious lunch offer is the Asian-Style Veggie Box at a reasonable £4.50.

Ingredients include cos lettuce, long-stem broccoli, sweet roasted mushrooms, black rice, edamame beans, pickled cabbage and carrot and sesame seeds and with a green dressing.

‘What customers want’

Pret’s Head of Food Development, Hannah Dolan, said in a statement: “Our new range is big on vegan food and veg. There’s a real emphasis on that because that’s what customers want.

“We’re so excited to launch our colourful new spring menu, our biggest change in our history, which is a result of listening to what our customers want.

“Our team of chefs have taken inspiration from all over the world for this new menu and have worked incredibly hard to perfect each and every ingredient. From flavoursome roasted mushrooms, to our own gluten-free bread, which we honestly believe is one of the best out there right now.”

What do you think of Pret’s new vegan range? Tell us in the comments section below!

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