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Meghan Markle encourages Prince Harry to swap his meat for vegies

Meghan Markle Encourages Prince Harry To Swap His Meat For Veg
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Meghan Markle has reportedly encouraged Prince Harry to cut down on meat and eat more veggies and fruits.

The Duchess of Sussex, who eats mostly vegan meals, reportedly has asked the Duke to make significant changes to his diet.

An anonymous Royal insider told The Express: “She has also been encouraging Harry to eat less meat and more fruit and veg.”

The source also believed that Meghan, who is a self-proclaimed animal lover, wished to convert Prince Harry to align with her views on blood-sports.

Reports suggest that she condemned Prince Harry for killing ‘defenceless animals’ in the Royal family’s boxing day pheasant shoot out.

It seems the Prince has agreed to her. The insider continued: “He hardly ever misses the shoot but he loves her so much.”

Meghan has made a stand for animal rights in the past.  Her former commercial agent, Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne, mentioned that she follows a strict no animal fur policy, and once left a hotel because it had a caged parrot on display.

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