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Pub landlord bans beef and blames ‘billions of greedy mouths’ for Amazon fires
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A pub landlord has revealed he will no longer serve beef in response to the fires which have devastated the Amazon rainforest. 

Richard Bell, landlord at the Three Stags in Kennington, UK dramatically took a stand against beef consumption, which he said is destroying the Amazon ‘in order to feed beef to billions of greedy mouths’.

“Our diet must change and we cannot continue to exploit the planet so unnecessarily,” Bell said when announcing the change.

The pub is not vegan or vegetarian, but customers are no longer able to order burgers, steaks or beef as part of their Sunday roast.

“When is enough enough? For me it is now. In protest at the extreme selfish ignorance of our appalling current political leaders, the Three Stags is entirely boycotting all beef products,” Bell said

“Our diet must change because we cannot continue to exploit the planet so wantonly. What mankind is doing to the Amazon in order to feed beef to billions of greedy mouths is deplorable and though my business is not vegetarian or vegan I feel the responsibility not to sell beef, as a statement to my customers and other restaurant and pub operators.”

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Bell also said he would consider turning the restaurant vegan in the future.

“We all look on in horror as the destruction of our Amazon Rainforest, the most important valuable ecosystem of our planet is actually being deliberately set on fire by farmers, loggers and greedy landowners,” he added

The pub now plans to look into plant-based alternatives such as Beyond Meat.

The Three Stags is a founder member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Andrew Stephen, chief executive of the group, told The Caterer: “The SRA has for the last two years been calling on restaurants and the wider foodservice sector to ‘flip the menu’ and increase the proportion of veg-led dishes on their menu to decrease their impact on the planet.

“High street brands like Wagamama and Zizzi have enjoyed success doing just that, followed by fast food giants like KFC and Greggs. If we can reimagine sausage rolls and burgers, then why not a Sunday roast?”

What action should world leaders take to save the Amazon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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