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Siggi’s debuts dairy-free high-protein yogurt line in the US

Siggi's debuts dairy-free high-protein yogurt line in the US
Image: Siggi’s Dairy

The Icelandic yogurt-maker Siggi’s has launched its first-ever coconut-based non-dairy yogurt, in response to consumer demand for a dairy-free, low sugar product.

 French dairy giant Lactalis owned Siggi’s is set to launch a plant-based yogurt range after developing the product for two years.

The vegan yogurt recipe has “3 times more protein and 40% less sugar than leading yogurt alternatives,” and will be available in retailers across the US.

The thick creamy formula is made using a blend of coconut, macadamia, and pea protein to optimize taste, consistency, and nutrition.

I am very excited to offer consumers a plant-based option of our popular products,” said Siggi’s founder and chairman Siggi Hilmarsson.

“Nearly 15 years ago, we started a low-sugar, simple ingredient revolution with our signature skyr, and now continue to deliver on that commitment in plant-based as well.”

The recipe delivers 10 grams of protein and only 8-9 grams of sugar per 5.3-oz cup compared to other brands that pack in about 15 grams of sugar and about 3 grams of protein for the same quantity.

The products are 100% natural, and free from high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, stevia, gelatin, artificial colorings and preservatives.

Siggis’s has launched 4 flavours including vanilla & cinnamon, mixed berries, raspberry, and mango.

Siggi’s CEO Carlos Altschul said: “We are really excited to enter the plant-based segment and offer a truly unique product that delivers on what consumers have asked for.

“Siggi’s fans all over the country will recognise our classic creamy texture, not-too-sweet taste, lower sugar, and higher protein content. We are proud to continue to enhance the yogurt aisle through innovation.”

Non-dairy options

With the demand for milk plummeting, and customers inclining towards dairy-free alternatives, milk brands are vying to capture the growing plant-based market with innovative products.

 Recently, General Mills, the Golden Valley-based mega food maker unveiled dairy-free versions of its French-style yogurt brand Oui in the US. 

 Unilever owned dairy company Elmlea launched single and double animal free cream options called Elmlea PLANT at Sainsbury’s and Asda supermarkets in the UK.

Elsewhere, top-selling Greek yogurt brand Chobani launched “oat drinks” and “oat blends” to cater to the growing demand for dairy alternatives.

Which is your favourite dairy-free brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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