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Squeaky Bean to launch 3 vegan sandwich meat flavours in Waitrose stores

Squeaky Bean to launch 3 vegan sandwich meat flavours in Waitrose stores
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Squeaky Bean has announced a new vegan ready-to-eat range launching in all Waitrose stores on 1st April.

The plant-based brand has expanded its vegan range with 3 types of sandwich meat slices to attract meat eaters and flexitarians open to trying other options as well as provide alternatives to the 39% of Brits who have cut back or stopped eating meat.

The 3 flavours include:

  • Pastrami Style: ‘Beef’ flavour slices with the characteristic ruby red pastrami colour and deliciously herby taste 
  • Ham Style: ‘Pork’ flavoured but made with wheat gluten, vegetables and a sprinkling of herbs. Enjoy with a topping of your favourite vegan cheese.
  • Chicken Kebab Style: Aromatically spiced slices blend perfectly with vegan mayo and salad in a pitta.

The new slices join the brand’s recent launch of their ready-to-eat vegan Chicken Style Pieces and their first to market vegan pancakes.

While the new sandwich slices hit Waitrose stores from 1st April, Squeaky Bean products are already available in Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

“For too long, vegan lunchtime options have been considered bland and boring or too time-consuming to create. Squeaky Bean is your sidekick in the kitchen! Our aim is to make plant-based easy. Now you can have a lunchtime to look forward to by opting for our range of tasty, ready-to-eat sandwich slices,” said Squeaky Bean co-creator Sarah Augustine.

Each pack weighs 90g and the slices are packed in a recyclable card tray with a plastic film to reduce the overall use of plastics, added the brand.

Plant-based boom

“Plant-based eating continues as a major food trend, and with over a third of people in the UK looking to reduce their meat intake, it’s important that we give our customers access to products that not only replace animal ingredients, but get them excited with new flavor combinations and convenience,” said Charlotte McCarthy, vegan buyer at Waitrose & Partners.

“Squeaky Bean’s range of inspired Sandwich slices does just that.”

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