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Starbucks launches new ready-to-drink vegan coffees in the UK

Image: thegrocerofficial / Instagram and edited by TotallyVeganBuzz

Starbucks U.K. has expanded its vegan ready-to-drink coffee range with Coconut Cocoa Cappuccino and Oat Vanilla Macchiato.

Popular coffee chain Starbucks debuted 2 more vegan ready-to-drink coffees to join its earlier released Almond Iced Coffee beverage in the UK.

The new drinks are available at Morrisons, announced The Grocer while posting an image of the new vegan range on Instagram: “Starbucks is adding two more vegan options to its ready-to-drink coffee range

“Joining Almond Iced Coffee, Coconut Cocoa Cappuccino and Oat Vanilla Macchiato have just landed in Morrisons.”

The new drinks retail at £1.60 each and will stock in Asda from May.

Vegan Starbucks

Starbucks has been steadily adding vegan options to its menus globally in order to cater to the growing consumer demands for plant-based options.

This month, Starbucks China partnered with vegan brands Beyond Meat, Omnipork and Oatly to introduce a slew of new plant-based food and drinks in all of its 4,200 locations across the country.

Last month, Starbucks UK  added the Caramel Chococado Pot and the Vegan Spiced Protein Bowl to its existing plant-based menu while Starbucks Canada introduced breakfast sandwiches made with vegan Beyond Meat patties as part of its new spring menu rollout.

After Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson pledged to become more environmentally friendly and reduce its carbon footprint this year by swapping dairy with more plant-based beverages, the coffee giant also indicated its plan to ditch the vegan milk tax.

“We’ll continue to innovate on plant-based alternatives and beverages. We expect the costs to come down as the supply chain for plant-based options matures, and we will pass this onto our customers,” said Starbucks Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer.

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