Stella McCartney to launch “the world’s first-ever commercial luxury bag” made from mushrooms


The vegan Frayme Mylo bag is made from mycelium – an infinitely renewable network of fungal threads – which marks a huge milestone for sustainable fashion.

Luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney is all set to commercially launch the world’s first bag made from Mylo, a vegan mushroom leather later this year.

The design called the Stella McCartney Frayme is based on Stella McCartney’s classic Falabella bag.

The bag made its debut on the runway last October at the Paris Fashion Week as part of the brand’s Summer 2022 collection presentation.

In fact, Stella McCartney’s new Summer 2022 range is completely inspired by the wonders of mushrooms.

Taking inspiration from the 2019 documentary Fantasic Fungi, the collection with its combination of bright and earthy tones, psychedelic prints and biophilic cut-out designs aims to spotlight fungi as the future of not only fashion, but also our planet.

“Mushrooms do not get the attention they deserve, largely because many do not understand them or are afraid of them. Our Summer 2022 collection chooses to optimistically celebrate fungi,” the fashion house wrote on its website.

It is important to note that while most of the garments of the new collection are vegan, some use silk. The brand has announced its plans to incorporate Bolt Threads’ animal-free silk alternative in the future as part of its mission to become even more sustainable.

What is Mylo leather?

Mylo is a vegan leather crafted by material solutions company Bolt Threads.

Its main component is mycelium, a network of fungal threads that is considered vital to the ecosystem.

Researchers developed the vegan leather by reproducing mycelium in a lab using mulch, water, air, and 100% renewable energy.

It is certified bio-based, which means it’s made from natural and mostly renewable ingredients. It’s soft, supple, and has the appearance of animal-derived leather.

The mushroom fabric is also environmentally superior to animal-derived leather in a number of ways, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lowered water and land use. It is also cruelty-free.

Moreover, while it takes years to produce animal leather, Mylo is grown in a matter of days and is infinitely renewable.  

Furthermore, the product is also not petroleum-based like many synthetic leathers, which allows for fossil fuels to be spared and less plastic to be dumped into landfills and oceans.

‘Obsessed with these fantastic fungi’

“If we want to save all our skins from the consequences of the climate and biodiversity crises, we need to stop fashion’s use of animal leather and furs. Mushrooms present a vegan alternative that can be grown regeneratively, renewably and quickly. How can you not be obsessed with these fantastic fungi,” Stella McCartney said.

Dan Widmaier, founder and CEO of Bolt Threads, added: “With good reason, consumers are demanding sustainable material alternatives that also look and feel great.

“Working closely with Stella and her team of innovative designers has enabled us to make Mylo a no-compromise, animal-free alternative to leather.

“The Frayme Mylo bag is a huge milestone for sustainable fashion, making better material options accessible to consumers all around the world.”

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