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Stella McCartney to launch UN fashion industry climate change charter

Stella McCartney is set to launch a United Nations fashion industry charter for action on climate change.

While announcing the charter in next month’s climate talks in Poland, the designer will make a firm business case for sustainable fashion and large-scale low-carbon production.

“We really don’t have long now, to change things. But I honestly believe it’s doable – I couldn’t do what I do if I didn’t believe that,” McCartney told the Guardian.

‘Guilt and fear’

“There is so much guilt and fear attached to talking about sustainability and that’s not helpful. What is essential is for the big players in the industry to come along with me, because that changes the price point.”

Other fashion brands are expected to sign the charter, which has been initiated by the UN climate change secretariat, on December 10.

“It’s not about peer pressure, it’s about making them excited,” McCartney continued.

“Who wants to talk about this season’s colour or the next It bag? The sustainability conversation is really the only one that I am interested in having.”


Chief executives of up to 40 international high fashion brands will witness McCartney’s launch of the charter at fashion industry conference Voices.

“Prospects for lab-grown alternatives to leather are the kind of topics I find sexy now,” McCartney said.

“Fast fashion is responsible for the lion’s share of environmental impact, so they are the most important element in affecting real change.”

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