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Subway sends legal notice to vegan seafood brand amid 0% fish DNA scandal.
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Vegan seafood brand, Good Catch, is facing a legal threat after handing out fish-free tuna sandwiches in front of Subway following the chain’s 0% fish DNA scandal.

Vegan seafood brand, Good Catch, has received a formal legal notice from Subway after it distributed fish-free vegan subs outside select Subway stores.

Good catch organized this one-day event following a recent controversy that claimed that Subway’s tuna sandwich contained no tuna DNA.

Subway’s tuna sandwich controversy

Last month, New York Times commissioned a lab investigation into the composition of Subway’s tuna.

The move came after The Washington Post reported earlier this year that two customers had filed a lawsuit against Subway in California over claims that the fast-food chain’s popular fish sandwiches were “completely bereft of tuna as an ingredient”.

Researchers could not detect any trace of tuna in the test samples during the DNA test.  

Good Catch campaign

Capitalizing on the situation, plant-based seafood brand Good Catch began handing out free vegan subs in vans outfitted with “OurWay” logos, mimicking Subway’s “have it your way” slogan but pointing out that fish-free tuna is the future of seafood.

According to Good Catch co-founder Derek Sarno: “With the Subway news grabbing headlines across the globe, this is the perfect moment to inform people that there is a better way to enjoy the taste and experience of delicious seafood without [harming] our oceans.

 “We want to encourage Subway, and other businesses, to add fish-free options for goodness to all.”

Subway’s response

However, Subway defending the integrity of its fish sandwiches maintains the DNA testing is ‘unreliable’.

 “DNA testing is simply not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins, like Subway’s tuna, which was cooked before it was tested,” the chain said in a statement.

Moreover, lawyers representing the sandwich chain sent Good Catch an email claiming the vegan brand was infringing its ‘intellectual property rights’ by using the confusingly similar ‘Ourway’ logo, which is likely to ‘mislead consumers into believing Good Catch and its products are affiliated with, or approved by, Subway’.

The email further added: “Subway is not surprised that your company believes that consumers want environmentally food options.

“Subway also believes in consumer choice and continues to serve its delicious Tuna Tubs made from 100% wild-caught tuna.

“Subway is also adding more plant-based options to its menu to meet growing consumer demand for meat-free alternatives.”

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