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Suma to offer a vegan pea and ham soup

Suma to offer a vegan pea and ham soup
Image: Suma Whole Foods / Instagram

Suma Wholefoods has created a vegan version of the classic pea and ham soup just in time for winter.

Suma is a cooperative that supplies over 7000 vegetarian, natural and responsibly sourced products to businesses and homes across the world.

The business also creates vegetarian and sustainable products and introduces vegan takes on popular meat dishes. Last year they introduced vegan alternatives for sausage and beans, burger and beans and meatballs.

This year, they’ve released a vegan Pea and ‘Ham’ Soup that uses soya instead of meat.

The soup is one of the four other tasty, organic and vegan soups launched by the company, which include creamy mushroom, tomato soup and premium pea soup.

According to Andi Butterworth, the developer of the range, Suma’s mission it to help people become vegan by providing simple meal options.

In a statement to Vegan Food & Living, he said: “sometimes you want to cook and create. Sometimes you just need something tasty and fast; and that’s what we’re offering to the growing number of people who want to enjoy classic favourites but without the meat.”

Plant-Based Foods

With the incredible growth in the plant-based market globally; food retailers, corporations and other food giants have been introducing and expanding their vegan fare to cater to the growing demand for meat and dairy alternatives.

Last week, UK supermarket Marks and Spencer released a bigger version of its bestselling ‘Plant Kitchen No Pork Sausage Rolls’, which will be served hot in nearly 50 stores across the UK.

Around the same time, Adelaide cafe Crux in South Australia unveiled a first of its kind plant-based ‘bacon and egg’ breakfast called ‘Sunny-Daise Eggs Benedict’.

In the confectionary sector, Nestle’s British brand Aero launched a vegan version of its most popular dark chocolate bar.

In Chicago, Gino’s East became the city’s first pizza chain to add a vegan deep dish and thin crust pizza to its menu recently.

Earlier this month, Golden Valley-based mega food maker General Mills unveiled dairy free versions of its French-style yogurt brand Oui in the US.

Which popular dish would you like to see be veganised? Share your preferences in the comments below!

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