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Sweden now has a totally vegan school

Sweden now has a totally vegan school
Sweden now has a vegan school. Image: Stock image

Vegan parenting can throw up a minefield of difficulties, particularly ensuring your child has access to a plant-based diet at school.

But one school in Sweden has taken any concerns away from vegan parents after becoming the country’s first totally plant-based school.

Hagaskolan–Waldorfskolan in Solna, north or Stockholm, has announced that from now on all facilities will be free from animal products. 

The school opened in 2006 and focuses on education about nature and the environment. 

And staff took the plunge to go fully vegan last year – offering a full vegan menu filled with mac & cheese, soup, pad Thai and samosas.

The 28 staff will also eat plant-based at the school which caters for 185 students. 

Veronica Blixt Myrsell, Principal of Hagaskolan, told Plant Based News: “In addition to being the first school in Sweden (perhaps all of the Nordics) that serves a completely vegan menu, we have more music and crafts on the schedule than other schools.

“We have a safe, family environment and visitors usually point out that there is a very warm atmosphere at the school. When the students move on, we want them to have developed into free-thinking, responsible people who can make a difference.”

What do you think of the fully vegan school? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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