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Tabitha Brown encourages everyone to go vegan in 2021 in new Veganuary ad
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The social media star was a guest chef on the Red Table Talk show.

Vegan influencer and TikTok star Tabitha Brown recently shared her inspirational story of how she became a vegan and turned her life around, whilst appearing on an American web television talk show.

The Eden, North Carolina-native made the revelations on the Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk, where she was invited to cook some must-make viral dishes for the holiday season with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Vegan for health reasons

When Jada Pinkett Smith asked Brown whether she ever imagined becoming the most viral vegan home cook in the world, the 41-year old replied in the negative revealing that she initially became vegan only for health reasons.

Sharing her story, Brown said she had been suffering with pain in the back of her neck, which travelled into her head, giving her a debilitating headache, which lasted over a year and a half. She explained,  she felt so sick that she thought she’d never live to see her 40s.

“My body started to attack itself, and I would go to the doctor every week, every month, [to get] MRIs [and] bloodwork, and everything would come back normal…I literally thought I was gonna die,” Brown said.

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Posted by Red Table Talk on Sunday, 22 November 2020

Common denominator was meat

However, the turning point in her life came whilst watching the What the Health documentary, and the part about hereditary diseases got her thinking about the root causes of her health issues.

She said on the show: “People get sick and they die very young in my family…the only common denominator that I could think of was meat and it was also the only thing I had not tried [cutting out]. I had tried every drug the doctor offered me for the last year and a half.

She then went on a 30-day vegan diet and Brown narrated that as days went by her headaches disappeared and she regained her energy.

That was the time she decided to continue the challenge and become vegan.

Brown’s rise to fame

Brown became a viral sensation in 2018 after she posted a TikTok video of herself eating a Smoky TTLA sandwich—a vegan BLT made with tempeh, tomato, lettuce, avocado- bought from a Whole Foods Market deli counter.

 The Los Angeles-based actress has not looked back since then. Her videos are extremely popular on social media platforms and millions follow Brown for her vegan recipes, lifestyle information and positive energy.

The social media superstar has also appeared on numerous T.V programs such as The Ellen Show and Home Family.

Brown has even collaborated with Ellen Digital Ventures  for  her own web show on the Ellen Digital Network (EDN) titled All Love and is reportedly working on a cookbook as well.

Although the star did not divulge any details, she did reply to one of her followers’ question on whether she already has a cookbook published.

 Brown said: ‘Working on a Lil something’.

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