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Tesco set for huge expansion of vegan range with 270 new products

Tesco has announced plans to drastically expand its vegan offering with 300 plant-based products set to hit the UK supermarket’s shelves soon.

The new range is central to the supermarket’s plans to drive growth as it reacts to the growing demand for vegan options.

Tesco launched its Wicked Kitchen range last year, which now features more than 30 vegan products.

But the plant-based offering will be joined by new brand Plant Chef to add to the offer and increase the total vegan line by 270 products.

The Wicked Kitchen range has been a huge success, with creator Derek Sarno revealing the business had sold 4 million vegan products in a period of 33 weeks.

He posted on Instagram: “We’ve proven to the world it’s time for a change and people are responding. 

“I’ve no idea what that equates to when thinking of less suffering and I can’t think that way because there is still suffering going on this very moment as long as we’re not connected to the foods we choose to eat. 

“BUT it proves we can change, are changing and if we continue to provide delicious choices we will succeed much faster.”

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