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Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 cars will be totally vegan next year. Image: Telsa

Tesla has announced that its new Model Y and Model 3 cars will be 100% vegan by 2020.

The electric car specialist recently changed the materials of all its seat options to be a ‘Tesla synthetic material’ which contains animal products, but the cars still featured leather steering wheels.

But now the manufacturer is going all-out vegan and its two new vehicles will be totally cruelty-free by the end of next year.

Animal welfare group PETA has been urging the company’s CEO Elon Musk to ditch leather for good.

A conversation between the two panned out:

PETA: “Can you confirm the Model Y will be vegan as promised?”

Musk: “Yes it will.”

PETA: “…and that all of Tesla’s products will be free of animal products by next years shareholder meeting?”

Musk: “Uh I’m not, there might be the tiniest bit left, I’m not sure, but Model Y, Model 3, I think I’m confident about that. We have a lot of things to solve but I think for sure the Model Y and the Model 3 soon and you can also special order for the S and X.”


Musk has reported that the steering wheel is difficult to master without leather – as the wheel collects lots of oils and dirt from our hands, making durability an issue.

But Tesla does have a design ready for a non-heated synthetic leather steering wheel.

Tesla’s speciality in electric cars aims to make the company at the forefront of eco-friendly travel.

The electric powered cars are far better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars, but PETA was aiming to ensure the company does not resort to animal products, which also heavily impact global warming.

What do you think of Tesla’s new vegan models? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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