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This company will pay people £2000 to go vegan for three months
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Participants will be paid £2000 each if they successfully ditch meat and meat products for three months.

A UK based supplement brand-WeAreFeel is conducting a study to determine whether a vegan diet affects a person’s nutrient levels.

It also wants to establish whether a supplement can help in making up any nutrient deficiency if observed.

The study is expected to roll in December and participants will be selected by November 11.

Participants who successfully complete the study will be paid £2,000 by the company.

Study protocol

WeAreFeel will enroll five selected candidates who will have to sign a contract agreeing to remain away from all animal products for the course of the study and follow a predetermined diet plan.

According to the company, the other criteria for selection include: “Applicants must be aged 18 to 60 years old, have no underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity or hyperthyroidism, and have eaten a meat diet consistently for at least six months prior.”

The company will monitor and track the candidates’ micronutrient levels weekly through finger blood prick tests.

“The vitamins and minerals tested in the study will include B12, vitamin C, Iron, Folate, Iodine and vitamin D – things that can often drop below the recommended level for people following a vegan diet,” said the company.

Boris Hodakel, founder of the brand said “The development of our products is the most important thing to us as a business and brand.

“These tests have been planned for a while, and after turning vegan recently myself, I can’t wait to see the findings.”

Do vitamin levels drop when following a vegan diet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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