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This ice cream is made with dairy grown in lab – and it sold out immediately

The agri-tech startup Perfect Day have launched an ice cream using 100% lab-grown dairy, which sold out within 24 hours.

The product, available in $60 bundles of three flavours – vanilla salted fudge, vanilla blackberry toffee, and milky chocolate – was launched in a limited run of 1,000 pints, sold via the company’s website

The company explains that their dairy is made by producing casein and whey, proteins found in milk, by fermenting microflora.

“Perfect Day dairy protein is made through the same fermentation techniques used for nearly 50 years to make many common food ingredients like vitamins, probiotics, and natural flavors.

“Being flora-based means that Perfect Day’s protein is vegan, lactose-free and hormone free. Because no animals are involved in the process, our protein is produced with less energy, less water, less greenhouse gas emissions, and without the use of factory farms.

“And unlike proteins which are made from soy, nuts or other plants, Perfect Day’s protein delivers the same nutrition and delicious taste and texture you’d expect from cow’s milk.”

In an interview with Fast Company, co-founder Ryan Pandya said: “Both of us happen to have a similar background of working in medicine, where therapeutics and medicines are made using basically fermentation already today, and so the two of us started scratching our heads and wondering, what if we just apply that same exact technology that’s been around for half a century to make the world’s most in-demand, highest-quality protein?”

Will you be trying Perfect Day’s flora-based dairy? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Published by Marlon Farrugia

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