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Vegan artist has 40,000 tattoos
Image: @alfredomeschix ‘ Instagram

An artist has gone to incredible lengths to raise awareness for the vegan cause. Alfredo Meschi has 40,000 tattoos – one for every animal killed each second at the hands of humans.

The thought-provoking vegan activist had each and every black cross inscribed with vegan ink drawn on his skin within just one year.

The striking Italian is often photographed completely naked to show off his passionate acknowledgement of the death of thousands of animals.

He offers experiential workshops and performs daring exhibitions as he tours Italy with his wife.

In an interview with Magzter, Meschi described himself as an ‘artivist’ – someone who ‘uses their artistic talents to oppose injustice and oppression’.

“All over the planet, artivists are engaged in the social justice and environmental movements, and they’re fighting for animal rights too,” he said.

“I express my art through my body, and my activism through my bodily involvement and emotional communication of my performances.”

Meschi believes that each time someone stops and looks at him, asks what the tattoos symbolise, or starts a conversation about animal rights – he achieves something.

He was born in Livorno in 1968, and has spent most of his career working for social causes.

He’s also now an author of many books supporting equality for animals and humans alike.

Meschi’s vegan awakening came relatively recently. His father was a hunter and used to take him on expeditions as a child, but Meschi lived much of his life as a vegetarian before turning vegan in 2014.

He has also posted on social media about his frustration at fishing in his local Italian region of Tuscany.

“Summer is already here, in Tuscany, and the fishing nightmare is becoming more visible. Will you join me in fighting this? STOP FISHING SENTIENT BEINGS. FISH FEEL FEAR. FISH FEEL PAIN. FISH FEEL! FISH IS MURDER,” he wrote.

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