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Tiger chained to ground in Thai zoo as tourists queue for selfies in disturbing video

The tiger in Thailand zoo filmed was restricted by a short chain
The tiger filmed was restricted by a short chain. Image: @natgeo on Instagram

A shocking video displaying a visibly stressed tiger chained to the ground ready for tourists to take cheap selfies with has caused outrage on social media.

The video, which was posted on National Geographic’s Instagram page, was reportedly filmed at Thailand’s Phuket Zoo.

It shows a tiger pacing in tiny circles around a small platform, with a short chain keeping the animal restricted to a small spot.

The clearly frustrated tiger can barely stretch its legs due to the short restraint, which is used to prepare the animal for photos taken with tourists for as little as $9.

National Geographic posted the video beside the caption: “A tiger paces in circles, chained to a platform in a photo studio at the Phuket Zoo in Thailand.

“Tigers are often declawed and/or drugged to make the safer for interacting with tourists.

“Photos here are 300 baht (or about $9).

“Our intention is not to shame the tourists who have had these encounters but to arm our readers with information that will help them identify potentially abusive situations for animals.”

Users slammed the treatment of the tiger, branding the video ‘disgusting’ and ‘sickening’.

“Tourists paying for this are the biggest part of the problem. If they refuse to take part, there is no demand,” another wrote.

Many agreed that tourists should bear the responsibility for the tiger’s suffering.

“I’m sorry but maybe these people who are interacting with these poor beautiful creatures should be shamed,” one Instagram user wrote.

“So then, and only then, would they stop putting these tigers in high stress situations. It’s just so sad.”

Readers are advised to visit natgeo.com/wildlifetourism for more information.

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