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Tiktok duo taunt vegan protesters by eating KFC in front of them
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“I answered your question, didn’t I? I said no,” the vegan activist responds to the TikToker offering him a bite of a piece of chicken.

Popular TikTokers Nick and Bill have been filmed eating KFC in front of a pro-vegan rally.

The TikTok partners, who have a following of more than 85,000 on the platform, are seen eating fried chicken pieces and burgers as they confront a group of vegan protesters near the Royal Arcade in Melbourne.

“Do you want a bite?,” Bill, holding a piece of chicken, is heard asking one protester in the video captioned: “Not all superheroes wear capes, some hold zinger boxes.

The protestor replies: “I answered your question didn’t I? I said no.”

The activist then turns to his colleague and says: “I actually really appreciate these guys being here.

“It’s creating a spectacle”.

One of the activists even called one of the TikTokers a ‘moron’ and said ‘you’re not funny.’

Online reaction

The video has since gone viral and viewed millions of times on different social media platforms. It has also sparked an online debate over whether people must try to influence others’ dietary choices.

“They’re pushing their veganism on the public, so what’s wrong with what the boys are doing. Freedom people,’ one comment read.

“f they’re pushing their ideas on us, we can push our ideas on them,’ another person added.

“Next time, get a nice big slab of steak and start cooking it Infront of them,” a third commented.

However, others slammed the duo for gatecrashing and disrupting the rally.

 ‘Most disgusting video’

“The amount of disrespect in this video,” one person wrote.

“This is probably the most disgusting video of trying to provoke people I’ve ever seen,” added another.

‘This isn’t funny or cool, I’m not even vegan but it’s about respecting others,’ a third comment read.

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