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Vegan accuses Domino’s of ‘Deliberately Hiding’ meat in her vegan pizza

Vegan Accuses Domino’s Of ‘Deliberately Hiding’ Meat In Her Vegan Pizza
Image: JayJay Palmer

A vegan activist who ordered from Domino’s has been left ‘angry, upset and guilty’ after her pizza arrived with meat ‘hidden’ under the veggies and sauce.

JayJay Palmer, 26, from Durham, UK, accused the pizza delivery chain of ‘deliberately sabotaging’ her diet and ‘discriminating’ against her – as she claims she made it perfectly clear while ordering from the Spennymoor branch that she was vegan.

Many vegans will be familiar with the feeling of ordering a plant-based pizza, only for it to arrive clearly smothered in dairy cheese or with pieces of meat scattered on the surface.

But when JayJay’s pizza arrived, everything seemed to be in order, so she eagerly tucked into the feast.


Once she realised the error made for her sweetcorn and mushroom pizza, she angrily reported that she found ‘bits of chicken sliced and hidden under the dough with sauce on top to try to hide it’.

“They had hidden little bits of sausage that they had chopped into to smaller bits and tucked under the mushroom,” she told the Mirror.

Vegan Accuses Domino’s Of ‘Deliberately Hiding’ Meat In Her Vegan Pizza
Image: JayJay Palmer

Domino’s have apologised for the error but said the accusation that it was purposeful is ‘absolute nonsense’.

But JayJay was convinced by the nature of her discovery that staff intentionally targeted her for her veganism.


“I’m angry that I’m an activist and after all my efforts, conversations and volunteering at animal sanctuaries and choosing to live alongside my morals that someone would go out of their way to sabotage my meal,” she said.

“I am angry, upset and genuinely hurt.”

JayJay said she phoned to complain, and a manager apologised and offered her a free pizza.

But the mother-of-two then vented her frustration on Domino’s Facebook page, labelling staff ‘malicious’.

“I thought I’d warn you all to not order from them as they hid the meat IN the dough as well as on top to try and sabotage my meal. Absolutely disgusted.”


A Domino’s spokesman said: “When Ms. Palmer’s made her complaint we immediately apologised for this genuine mistake and offered Ms. Palmer a full refund which she refused.

“It’s absolute nonsense to suggest this was ‘deliberate sabotage’.

“While we don’t currently have a vegan pizza on our menu the appetite for vegan pizza continues to grow. We’ve recently trialled a Vegan Supreme and can’t say too much just yet but urge pizza lovers to stay tuned.”

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