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Vegan blue cheese on a budget Asda launches new vegan range
Image: ASDA

Asda has launched a new affordable vegan cheese range which the supermarket says ‘looks and tastes just like the real deal’.

One of the UK’s biggest supermarkets has introduced its own brand vegan cheese in a bid to meet growing demand for vegan options.

The new flavors to hit Asda’s shelves include Blue Cheese and Double Gloucester with onion & chive alternative.

In a statement, an Asda spokesperson said:”We’re always looking for new and exciting products to expand our range of vegan-friendly food.

“We know that Brits love cheese, and it is often a food missed when transitioning to a dairy-free lifestyle, so we’re happy our customers can find a delicious alternative at Asda.”

Describing the new vegan blue cheese, the company said: “It looks and tastes just like the real deal, with visible blue specks running through the creamy block.”

Asda’s vegan initiatives

The chain store has been increasingly expanding its vegan options to cater to growing demand.

Earlier this year, Asda introduced its own vegan, KFC-style, frozen, soy-based, low calorie chicken pieces in a crispy southern-fried coating.

In July, Asda came up with “wonderfully succulent” far-free, protein rich and fibrous vegan meat burgers stuffed with dairy-free cheddar cheese.

This year’s Asda vegan Christmas range will include: no pork cocktail sausage; a vegan Wellington featuring a creative blend of chickpeas, cranberries, and apricots and sweet cranberry sauce, stuffed into a golden puff pastry; plant-based cranberry and apple stuffing balls; chocolate swirls, filled with caramel sauce; and chocolate mousse.

Asda is also the first UK supermarket to try a plant-derived, water-based invisible food-peel that allows fruits and vegetables to remain fresh for a longer period of time.

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