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Vegan cheesesteak sandwich restaurant opens in London

Vegan cheesesteak sandwich restaurant opens in London
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A new vegan cheesesteak restaurant which offers Philly-style sandwiches stuffed with plant-based meat has opened its doors in London.

Jake’s Vegan Steaks has opened a takeaway store in Highbury, and also stocks its sandwiches in The Horatia pub next door to the shop. 

The company has run as a catering services in the UK capital for three years, but the new store is its first dedicated venue. 

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Thanks for your patience folks, it’s been a long time coming but WE HAVE A SHOP and we are OFFICIALLY OPEN. One shop down… hopefully many more to come,” the company wrote on Facebook. 

Jake’s Vegan Steaks posts a mouth-watering selection of dishes on social media. The Philly Cheezesteak is its flagship product, which features shredded seitan steak, vegan Cheeze Whizz sauce, caramelized onion, peppers, sriracha vegan mayo and mustard. 

All of the company’s steaks are handmade from scratch and cooked to order ‘to create the ultimate vegan steak experience’.

“Our aim is to promore a new edge on plant-based living, with innovative and delicious dishes that appeal to the widest possible audience,” the comapny explains.

“Breaking down the barriers of skepticism by carefully designing our steaks to offer that mouthful of taste bud tingling flavours in every bite, regardless of who’s eating it and why.”

Jake’s Vegan Steaks also offers a Hot Supreme Cheezesteak for spice lovers – featuring pickled chillies and scotch bonnet hot sauce.

Jake’s Vegan Steaks is open at 102 Holloway Rd, Highbur, London.

What is your favourite vegan restaurant? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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