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Vegan cookery school sets up free food delivery service for vulnerable amid coronavirus outbreak
Image: Made In Hackney

A London based community vegan cookery school has switched to a FREE food home delivery service to reach out to the vulnerable with healthy and nourishing food.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the award-winning charity – Made in Hackney has suspended its classes to reach out to people that may be homebound and without access to proper meals.

Made in Hackney, founded in 2011 has helped over 15,000 Londoners lead healthier, happier and more connected lives through its free to attend programs of community cookery classes, training and celebration parties.

Highlighting the severity of the situation a team representative said: “As the COVID19 situation began to escalate last week the kitchen team were horrified to realise they would need to cancel all their classes, community feasts and fundraising events. Not only is this disastrous for the charity’s future but also for the vulnerable people who rely on its services.”

While the charity admitted that not running its programs would drastically impact several beneficiaries including young carers, low-income families, adults with educational needs, the elderly, people with long term health challenges and women’s refuge residents, it acknowledged the need to reach out to the ones isolated and helpless in the ongoing crisis.

In a later video, Founder Sarah Bentley explained, “Right now, many of our most vulnerable community members are at risk,” she said.

“Holding community cookery classes is not really possible right now. We need to quickly change our services so that we can help these people when they most need it.

“The impact of COVID-19 means thousands of people, very vulnerable people– elders, people with health conditions, peoples whose livelihoods are collapsing– are at risk of not being able to access food.”

The charity will not only deliver free food to the ones in need within their community and surrounding boroughs if possible but will also try and provide any extra help and support if needed.

The team has even launched an emergency crowdfunding of £30,000 to raise funds in order to continue to cater to people in Hackney and surrounding boroughs. It has achieved 80% of its target. You can find out more details about the campaign here.

Share this story to support the charity and the more vulnerable sections of our community.

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