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Vegan orders shoot 100% in Hong Kong amid COVID19
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Plant-based protein food demand has surged dramatically in Asia as consumers, particularly in Hong Kong and Mainland China prefer to stay away from meat in wake of coronavirus’ impact.

In Hong Kong, online food delivery service Deliveroo recorded a year-on-year growth of 104% in vegan food orders with the order volume up by a further 20 per cent since January.

The changing food landscape in the city has led Deliveroo to expand its vegan and sustainable food options, and partner with more plant-based restaurants to offer a wider choice of dishes to its clients. The delivery platform has seen the number of partner restaurants offering vegan options growing from 80 to 266.

“There has never been a better time for healthy eating in Hong Kong, whether you’re a full-time vegan or a part-time plant-based food fan,” said Deliveroo Hong Kong General Manager Brian Lo.

“It’s clear that Hongkongers have a taste for more vegan options, and Deliveroo is more than happy to oblige as we’re always looking to innovate and provide more diverse takeaway eating options on our platform.”

Vegan orders shoot 100% in Hong Kong amid COVID19
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Vegan trend

Although, the ongoing pandemic has been one of the biggest drivers in influencing people in rethinking their dietary choices, market food analysis reports before the outbreak suggest vegetarian consumption was already on the rise in Hong Kong with an increase of more than 50% from 2.5% within a span of two-years.

Vegan orders shoot 100% in Hong Kong amid COVID19
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 According to Inside Retail, modern plant-based restaurant  Treehouse reported 1226-per-cent growth in sales from October through March, with online orders through Deliveroo and other platforms increasing 125 per cent and the number of new customers increasing by 113 per cent.

“We have expanded through Deliveroo Hong Kong. By doing so, we have been able to create two more new virtual brands. Growing with Deliveroo Hong Kong has been a tremendous way to reach new customers and test different markets in other up and coming areas, where we don’t yet have a physical presence,” Christian Mongendre, founder of Treehouse said.

 In mainland China, Vince Lu, chief executive and founder, of Zhenmeat, a plant-based meat substitute start-up believes sales of vegan meat will surge even more once restaurants resume normal business across the country.

“After the coronavirus, Chinese people have more consciousness not to eat wild animals and eat the right sources of protein,” Lu said.

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