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Vegan Mr. Whippy and jackfruit nuggets launched at Leon

Vegan Mr. Whippy and jackfruit nuggets launched at Leon
Image: Leon

UK restaurant chain Leon has added vegan Mr. Whippy-style ice cream and plant-based jackfruit nuggets to its menu.

The company, which has 64 fast food stores, is calling its new nuggets ‘Jack Wings’. They are made from pulled jackfruit and coated with a gluten-free crumb to mimic cheesy nuggets.

Leon has also revealed a range of plant-based dessert options. A vegan ‘Mr Whippy’ named the Coco Whip is made from creamy coconut-based ice cream. It’s served in three different flavours – Caramel & Cacao, Chocolate Ruby Ripple and Passionfruit, Lemongrass & Pomegranate.

Vegan dessert options also include oat milk milkshakes and a vegan raspberry and rose doughnut.

Finally, there’s now a vegan red velvet cupcake topped with faux cream cheese icing to celebrate Leon’s 15th birthday.

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