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Vegan protesters target free range egg aisle at Sainsbury’s and Aldi following harrowing investigation at ‘ethical’ farm

Vegan protesters target free range egg aisle at Sainsbury's and Aldi following harrowing investigation at ‘ethical’ farm
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Vegan activists in Brighton, UK have completed a series of protests, including at supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Aldi, in which they targeted the free range egg aisle.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) protesters also visited Hisbe, which markets itself as an ethical supermarket but still sells meat, eggs and dairy products. 

Video footage of the dramatic demonstrations show protesters chanting anti-animal industry slogans and urging customers not to buy eggs.

Impromptu disruption in Sainsbury’s following mass action #fuckfreerange

Posted by Anti-Speciesist Resistance on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

The footage shows protesters shouting ‘free range eggs are a lie, animals do not want to die’ and reading speeches to expose egg industry practices. 

Activists explained that, even at free range farms, male chicks are gassed soon after birth and chickens are slaughtered when they are 18 months old.


The demonstration follows footage released by activists filmed at so-called ‘free range’ business Hoads Farm.

Footage shows horrendous abuse and chickens living in squalid conditions.

“These disruptions are not just about Hoads Farm, they are about all eggs,’ an activist said.

“There is no such thing as humane eggs.

“Hisbe has a sign in their shop that says their eggs are from “genuinely liberated hens” but they are not liberated if their bodies are being used for human gain. The 50 hens that were taken from Hoads Farm are genuinely liberated.


“We are exposing a free range farm because we are demanding that animals be recognised as individuals with the right to bodily autonomy. Other animals are not on this earth for us to use.

“We are not here to argue that farms need higher welfare standards, because we believe exploiting animals is wrong and it needs to stop. However, showing people the reality behind their free range label is a start to raising awareness.”

The activists stayed at each store for 20 minutes before leaving peacefully. 

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “A group visited our Brighton superstore for a brief time and left peacefully.

“The welfare of our animals is extremely important and Hoads Farm free range eggs have been withdrawn from sale while we investigate these allegations.”

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