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Vegan restaurants are taking over New York City

Vegan restaurants are taking over New York City
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New York City is in the midst of a vegan tidal wave. 

Consumers are ditching the once popular cheesy pizzas and greasy hot dogs as more and more healthy, ethical plant based restaurants pop up across the city.

Restaurateur Nima Garos, co-founder of vegan hotspot JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana in Chinatown and Williamsburg, told the New York Post: “Vegan food is not a fad, though some people may still treat it that way. It’s a lifestyle choice and more people are doing it. This is the way New York is going.”

Garos and his partner Koorosh Bakhtiar are set to react to the surge in demand by opening a third, much larger JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana.

In fact, several new vegan restaurants are planned to open in Manhattan soon as people become more conscious about healthy eating.

Trend-setting plant-based restaurant Farmacy Kitchen by Camilla Fayed, daughter of Harrods’ former owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, is launching a six-month pop-up of her trademark restaurant.

It will feature at the Chefs Club Counter in SoHo from September 13. Her project was considered way ahead of its time when it launched in 2016.

Ravi DeRossi, a restaurateur famed for his award-winning cocktail bar Death & Co, is opening Night Music – yet another vegan eatery in the East Village.

He also transformed his Bourgeoise Pig to become vegan tapas wine bar Ladybird.

Wind of change

Most food giants have now accepted that consumers are moving towards a more plant based diet to make healthier food choices for themselves and the environment.

New York University nutrition expert Marion Nestle told the New York Post: “Lots of people understand that the healthiest diets are based largely on plant foods — fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains — and that our health and that of the planet would be better if we ate less meat.”

Though, she adds: “Less meat does not necessarily mean none.”

Many top notch restaurant owners state that they don’t intend to exclusively cater to vegans and would welcome all demographics.

Garos of JaJaJa Plantas said: “We can’t convert everyone to a plant-based diet. But our goal is to be welcoming, to bring in part-time vegans and to even bring non-vegans in for cocktails.

“We aren’t promoting that this is a plant-based restaurant. We just want to bring people in and show them a good time.”

What is the vegan scene like in your hometown? Tell us in the comments section below!

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