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Vegan smoked salmon sandwiches launched at Waitrose

Vegan smoked salmon sandwich launched at Waitrose
Image: Waitrose & partners

UK supermarket Waitrose has launched a vegan smoked salmon sandwich using smoked and marinated carrot strips in place of fish.

The ‘Vegan No Smoked Salmon & Dill’ sandwich also contains lemon, dill, spinach leaves, meringued vegan spread and mayonnaise.

Supermarkets are adapting to demand by introducing vegan variations to their popular meat options. Morrisons released the grab-and-go vegan BLT to meet demand earlier this year, also featuring carrot as a meat substitute.

Waitrose has steadily increased its vegan range in recent years. It has introduced dedicated vegan aisles in more than 130 stores and increased its vegetarian and vegan range by 60%.

Chloe Graves, Waitrose & Partners vegan vendor, said: “The growing appetite for meat-free dishes has been reflected throughout the year with rising sales of vegan and vegetarian products, as well as the introduction of exciting and innovative new products to the foodie market.

“We’re excited to be a part of growing demand for vegan products and lead the way in creating, developing and supplying innovative ranges that delight customers.

“Our flavour packed products range from complete meals for a quick and easy dinner, to the staple vegan must-haves.”

Vegan rise 

Supermarkets are adapting to the rise in veganism across the globe. In the US, supermarket giant Kroger recently launched a dedicated vegan meat aisle in its meat section.

And fast food giant Taco Bell has rolled out a new menu containing brand-new meat-free products, including fully plant-based recipes. 

A survey by UK’s comparison site- Finder revealed that over 2.2 million people will adopt veganism over the next year, and the vegan trend is set to rise by 327% by 2020. 

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