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Vegan takeaway orders increase by 50% in Veganuary on Just Eat

Vegan Orders doubled
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As more people opt for meat-free meals, vegan food has become one of the fastest growing trends in the UK, says food delivery service.

This month, food delivery service Just Eat saw a 50 percent hike in vegan orders.

With more people ditching animal products for health, environment and ethical reasons, the company states that veganism is gaining momentum.

Vegan Orders doubled Veganuary
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According to its data, there has been a 17% increase in orders of vegan dishes year on year.

Analyzing the trend, the company mentioned that while January rakes in higher vegan orders for the company because of Veganuary- a 30-day challenge to go meat -free, the Brits generally order more plant-based meals throughout January to March, and June to August while preferring a flexitarian diet in other seasons.

Vegan UK

survey by The Vegan Society reported  that 600,000 Britons (equivalent to 1.16 percent of the population) preferred a plant-based diet and the number of people transitioning has quadrupled between 2014 and 2019.

London retained its most vegan-friendly city label for the second time in a row in an annual ranking survey by HappyCow – the largest vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide.

“Veganism continues to become a mainstream lifestyle in London and this city takes veganism to a new level,” said HappyCow.

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