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Eating vegan leads to weight loss, glowing skin and increased libido, study says
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The study found that nearly half of the respondents went vegan for their health. More than one in 10 adults said COVID-19 made the lifestyle ‘more appealing’.

A new study has found that going vegan leads to multiple benefits – the most attractive of them being ‘weight loss, glowing skin, and increased libido’.

These findings come from a new poll commissioned by Holland & Barrett in December 2020.

Health benefits

41% of the 2000 participants surveyed by 3Gem said health was the main driving factor leading them to change their food habits while 32% cited ethical reasons, and 24% switched for sustainability and the environment.

Nearly 50% said they lost weight, with six in ten seeing weight loss in the first three months.

A third of men and almost a quarter of women said they experienced a boost in their sexual drive. This benefit was recently endorsed by Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, who tweeted that vegans make better lovers, since it improves overall health, boosts stamina and sexual performance, while also reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

The poll also found that 47% of vegans noticed ‘glowing or cleared up skin’.

Growing trend

The Vegan Society estimates that vegans and vegetarians will make up a quarter of the British population by 2025 indicating an exponential growth in veganism and Holland & Barrett research also found the trend skyrocketing in the last three years.

Over three quarters (70%) said they’ve been vegan for either a year or less (29%) two years (24%) or three years (19%).

The coronavirus pandemic has also played a role in convincing people to ditch meat. More than one in 10 adults (12%) agreed that the outbreak made going vegan ‘more appealing’.

You can read the full research here and also get answers from H&B nutritionist Emily Rollason for the most common health myths that people pose when they’re considering switching to a vegan lifestyle.

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