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Vegans hijack National Cheese Day in Twitterstorm to prove you don’t need dairy

Vegans hijack National Cheese Day in Twitterstorm to prove you don’t need dairy
Vegans showcased the best vegan cheese out there. Image: Veganuary

Vegans successfully crashed National Cheese Day this year by sharing the most mouth-watering plant-based cheeses across social media.

The traditionally dairy-filled celebration encourages cheese lovers to tuck in to animal products, but as the popularity and quality of the vegan cheese market skyrockets, vegans hijacked the day.

Animal welfare group Mercy for Animals kicked off the plant-based party by showing dairy lovers you don’t have to give up delicious cheese to go vegan.

A promotional video showcased the best artisan vegan products.

“Vegan cheeses are taking over, while the dairy industry is in decline,” the group explained.

You can now get vegan cheeses of all varieties, including parmesan, cheddar, gouda, brie, chevre, mozzarella and much more.

Charity vegan challenge Veganuary shared this mouth-watering herb-crusted cashew cheese.

Some vegans dedicated the day to their favourite budget options.

Cheese-makers showcased the huge variety of options out there.

Of course vegan alternatives can be used for all your favourite cheesy meals.

Vegans were critical of vegetarian dairy lovers.

Some vegans showed how to make plant-based cheese from scratch.

Others took the opportunity to remind cheese lovers of the horrors in the dairy industry.

Even dairy farmers can make the switch to vegan options.

Mercy for Animals gave an introduction into vegan cheese ingredients for anyone interested in making the switch.

What’s your favourite vegan cheese? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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