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Vego chocolate melts just launched in UK stores

Vego chocolate melts just launched in UK stores
Image: vego_chocolate/Instagram

The vegan chocolate melts are perfect for baking, hot chocolate or simply popping into the mouth.

Vegan brand Vego has launched brand new chocolate hazelnut baking melts.

According to the brand, these buttons sized ‘yummy creamy’ marvels are perfect for all your baking needs.

They can also be dunked straight into a mug of your favourite warm drink of choice for a soothing, nutty hot chocolate.

If that’s not your style, you can simply eat them straight out of the pack.

The melts are made using raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, sunflower oil, cocoa butter and powder, lecithins (sunflower), and extracted vanilla.

They are free of gluten, soya, and wheat and available at TheVeganKind online supermarket.

Another popular vegan account on the platform Vegan Food UK said the melts can be bought online or in-store from @vxbristol.

‘Worth it’

Vego fans are extremely excited about the new launch.

“Dying through vego melt inhalation? Worth it!,” wrote one user on Instagram.

“I would pour them directly into my mouth,” added another.

“These look v dangerous. They look like little round Vegolinos and at least with the vegolinos they are individually wrapped so you are slowed down a little when eating them. I’m scared with these I’ll just tip the entire bag into my mouth at once,” a third commented.

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