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Velour just ban mink fur false eyelashes
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‘Velour will transition into a 100-percent mink free brand as of 2021’

Velour has confirmed that it will stop producing mink-fur eyelashes going forward, reported Allure.

The most beloved lash making company said that not only will it not restock any of its 40 mink styles, it will also “transition into a 100-percent mink free brand as of 2021.”

The decision follows Sephora’s announcement of ditching mink lashes and selling only synthetic or faux-fur lashes.

Recently PETA also lashed out at Velour for misleading consumers into purchasing mink lashes claiming the fur used was “ethically sourced” and urged the company to drop fur lashes immediately.

Velour just banned mink fur false eyelashes
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‘100-percent mink free brand’

“When I first started the brand, our mission was to make lashes approachable to everyone and the promise is to provide high-quality lashes that are soft, natural-looking, and easy to apply for all-day comfort,” said Velour founder and CEO Mabel Lee in a statement.

“To achieve the standards that we are known for, some of our collections have included mink as a key component.

“Velour will always stand by our commitment to innovation and challenging the status quo as we evolve and grow as a brand. This time around, we challenge ourselves to take a stance, and Velour is committed to transitioning out of mink.

“Velour will transition into a 100-percent mink free brand as of 2021.”

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‘Completely transparent’

While a number of international brands already sell false cruelty-free eyelashes including e.l.f. , Tarte, Eylure, KISS Products, PÜR and Urban Decay among others.

Lee added in the statement that “as a brand, we will continue to level up and offer you the best in class products.

“And, as always, we will be completely transparent with you throughout the process.”

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