Waitrose Adds 14 New Plant-Based Products As Interest In Its Vegan Range Doubles

UK supermarket Waitrose has increased its vegan offer with 14 new products, bringing the total in its new plant-based range to 65.

The move is a reaction to skyrocketing demand, as the retailer revealed searches for ‘vegan’ on its website have doubled in the last year, and increased by 67% for the word ‘vegetarian’.

Chloe Graves, Waitrose & Partners chilled vegetarian and vegan buyer, said: “The growing appetite for meat-free dishes has been reflected throughout the year with rising sales of vegan and vegetarian products, as well as the introduction of exciting and innovative new products to the foodie market.

“We’re excited to be a part of growing demand for vegan products and lead the way in creating, developing and supplying innovative ranges that delight customers.

“Our flavour packed products range from complete meals for a quick and easy dinner, to the staple vegan must-haves.”

New products

Waitrose has added two new stonebaked and hand stretched vegan pizzas to its offer – a Margherita, and a barbecue jackfruit pizza.

The stonebaked Waitrose Margherita. Image courtesy of Waitrose

New vegan meals include:

Fish’less’cakes: made with chunky potatoes, butterbeans, seaweed and herbs. Best served pan fried and served with salad.

Fish’less’ cakes. Image: Waitrose

Asian Inspired greens & smoked tofu: Pak Choi, Chinese leaf, Fine Green Beans, Tenderstem Broccoli tips and Edamame beans, sprinkled with red chillies.

Italian inspired veggie balls: Includes mushrooms, vegetables, lentils and infused with herbs and passata for an Italian feel.

Other new products joining the range include:

  • Jackfruit chilli sauce
  • Cauliflower, chickpea & potato curry
  • Jackfruit burger
  • Vegan tartare style sauce
  • Vegan mac & mushroom pasta
  • Vegan pickled dill carrot & tabbouleh salad with beetroot houmous
  • Vegan MLT sandwich (mushroom, lettuce & tomato)
  • Beetroot Risotto made with spelt & pearl barley
Vegan Tartar Sauce. Image: Waitrose
Beetroot Risotto made with spelt & pearl barley. Image: Waitrose
Jackfruit Burger. Image: Waitrose
Fish’less’ Fingers. Image: Waitrose

Waitrose’s vegan range is available in stores and online.

What do you think of the new additions to Waitrose’s vegan range? Tell us in the comments section below!

Featured image courtesy of Waitrose

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