WATCH: Angry meat eaters tell peaceful vegan protesters 'you disgust me' as they block supermarket meat section | Totally Vegan Buzz

WATCH: Angry meat eaters tell peaceful vegan protesters ‘you disgust me’ as they block supermarket meat section

WATCH Angry meat eaters tell peaceful vegan protesters 'you disgust me' as they block meat section
Image: Delta Wolfepine / Youtube

Meat eaters reacted angrily to a group of vegan activists who lined the meat aisle holding anti-meat industry signs in New Zealand.

Direct Action Everywhere staged the disruption at Countdown supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand.

Around 20 protestors participated in the protests this month, in which activists lined up in the refrigerated meat aisle holding signs reading “It’s not food, it’s violence” and “Stop eating animals” while others handed out flyers to shoppers who passed by the meat section.

Group member, Deno Stock said: “We’re all here today to raise awareness for the animals whose bodies are cut up and put in the supermarket.

 “There’s no need for us to eat meat or animals whatsoever.”

Angry Customers

Group member Delta Wolfepine said some customers found the protestors obtrusive and became angry and physically aggressive towards them

One customer was filmed saying: “Get out of my face. I’m disgusted you guys are even here in my supermarket when I’m buying my food. You disgust me.”

Another agitated customer hurled abuse: “Take your camera off me! I’m doing my f***ing shopping! I’m doing my shopping lady, unless you’re going to pay for my shopping you can f*** off.”

However, group leader Anna Rippon said the protest was “peaceful”. She was heard telling a supermarket employee: “We’re here in peaceful protest for the victims who don’t get seen or heard behind closed doors.”

Countdown Response

The supermarket management denied granting permission to the protestors. In fact, the footage recorded the group leader clarifying: “Were we given permission to do this? No, we were not.

“We’re here in peaceful protest for the victims that lay behind these brave people here.”

In a statement to the New Zealand Herald, a spokesperson for Countdown said: “As a supermarket, we work hard to provide our vegan and vegetarian customers with good quality and affordable options in our stores, and we are also deeply committed to good animal welfare practices throughout our supply chain.

“We reserve the right to ask anyone undertaking protest action to leave our stores.

 “However on this occasion, this request was ignored several times. The police were called to support our team and the protestors left shortly afterward.”

The group left the store while chanting “It’s not food, it’s violence,” and “no excuse for animal abuse” into megaphones.

The demonstrators said “this is only the beginning” as they plan more events and will also petition before New Zealand’s Parliament to close all slaughterhouses.

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