WATCH: Russell Brand says vegans simply 'don't want blood on their hands' in new podcast | Totally Vegan Buzz

WATCH: Russell Brand says vegans simply ‘don’t want blood on their hands’ in new podcast

WATCH- Russell Brand says vegans simply ‘don’t want blood on their hands’ in new podcast
Image: Russell Brand

Russell Brand has been in and out of a plant-based lifestyle over the years, but the latest evidence suggests he may have finally made a long-term commitment to veganism after revealing passionate views on his latest podcast.

The British comedian welcomed Kip Anderson, the director of pro-veganism documentaries ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What The Health’.

The films aim to reveal the catastrophic impact of animal products on the planet and our health, and have unsurprisingly come under criticism from the meat industry.

Brand opens up by discussing claims that the documentaries have ‘falsified data’ to promote their cause.

Anderson explained that he has offered a public, unedited debate opening questions to doctors quoted on the documentaries, but nobody has taken up the offer.

He explains that many so-called ‘facts’ to debunk the documentaries are in fact created by the meat, egg and dairy industries.

“So in a sense it’s not an ethical or dietary or even ecological matter – it’s an economic matter,” Brand says.

“If there are economic interests vested in maintaining those industries in spite of health risks, in spite of ecological impact, in spite of cruelty – so each one of those arguments has to be diffused as it arises.

“I didn’t want to give up eggs, I didn’t want to give up cheese and in spite of all my claims to spirituality I know that it’s cruel I saw that with my own eyes. It was only when  realised ‘oh man, the whole thing is a blag, we shouldn’t be eating this stuff’.”

“When people are awakened, they don’t want to have the blood of people or animals on their hands,” he added.

Anderson goes on to explain how the meat and dairy industries ‘flood us’ with information and confuse consumers.

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