Top 10 Pioneers of Modern Vegan High Dining

Veganism has revolutionized the culinary world. It has launched a health kick into modern culture and, has shown the average person that the old adage “you are what you eat?” really is true. Most people think that being vegan is like having your 5 a day on steroids, a fairly bland life comprised of kale smoothies and dipping carrots into hummus. However, this “dull existence” is completely fabricated and there is actually a whole world of tantalizing treats ready to tickle your taste buds out there for you.

Veganism is no longer something that is found in small boutique cafes and the pages of Waitrose cooking magazines. These chefs have really launched veganism into the high dining world and are kicking some serious ass with their mouthwatering recipes.

1. Simpsons -Birmingham

BirminghamLuke Tipping & Andreas Antona

Simpsons is one of Birmingham’s finest dining establishments. Ran by the talented team of Tipping and Antona and boasting talents like that of sous Chef Leo Kattou who featured on Masterchef: Cooking With The Professionals, its clear to see why it hold this title.

Top Dishes

One of Simpsons’ signature dishes is Miso, charred leeks, tofu, beansprouts, and togarashi. That’s bound to get rid of a winter flu.


2. The Allotment Vegan Restaurant –Stockport

Mathew Nutter

The Allotment is an award-winning masterpiece that specializes in vegan cooking. Mathew Nutter is the genius behind (according to The Times) “The best vegetarian restaurant in the UK.” Showcasing a 7 or 10 course tasting menu this foodie’s heaven really is the gem of the north.

Top Dishes

The Allotments signature dish is an Oyster Mushroom Terrine and Rosemary Infused Tofu served with a Peppercorn Cream and Butternut Squash with Shallots. Mouthwatering.


3. Acorn –Bath

Richard Buckley

Author of “Plants Taste Better” a recipe book that boasts over 60 detailed plant-based plates, Richard Buckley really has embraced this statement and is testament to the success of Acorn. His extensive knowledge of plants and innovative cooking style has put Acorn on the map as an award winning vegan restaurant. One of Acorn’s signature dishes is Wye Valley Asparagus, compressed with lemon, served on a bed of spring greens braised in porcini stock and whipped smoked almond curds. Godly Green Goodness!


4. The Art School –Liverpool

Paul Askew

The Art School is a critically acclaimed restaurant ran by the genius Paul Askew, an accomplished chef who has numerous TV appearances. His homage to his craft has put The Art School on Hardens “Top 100 Restaurants of 2018” and the year before won him the prestigious Times “Top 100 Restaurants” in which he broke a record as the first restaurant in Liverpool to make the list.

Top Dishes

The Art School showcases a lot of jaw dropping dishes but a well known one is the dark chocolate & praline with amaretto gel, chickpea meringue & chocolate ice cream. Yum!


5. Terre à Terre –Brighton

Dave Marrow

Terre à Terre is proud to say it’s a 100% meat free eatery. Established back in 1993 its one of the UK’s leading Vegetarian restaurants and is a well known spot in Brighton. Even though it’s a predominantly vegetarian establishment there many vegan choices on offer.

Top Dishes

One of Terre à Terre’s top dishes is its Pokey Potato Vada stuffed with ginger turmeric curry leaf and cumin, all encased in almond and rice flakes, fried and rolled in black salt chaat served with dark dhal, paneer tikka, lime pickle shallot, mango puree, chia almond and maple granola, Kerala cardamom carrots and juice. With calvocutta nero, fennel seed coconut butter finished with carrot top green chilli coriander almond pesto. Now that’s a tasty mouthful!


6. North Kitchen & Bar –Leicester

Sally, Joe and Joanna

The North Kitchen & Bar is well renowned restaurant, which offers local produce transformed into a plethora of tasty plates. The restaurant also offers its lucky customers the chance to watch the chefs whip up their luscious meals in the form of an open kitchen.

Top Dishes

The North Kitchen has many a great dish one of their standouts is the Polenta Terrine served with an Aubergine Puree and Smoked Tuille. Cracking stuff.


7. Browns Bond Hill –Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Ian Orr

In Londonderry sits one of the best restaurants in Northern Ireland. Voted best chef in Derry for 5 years running Ian Orr has created a statement in the culinary world that is “the best food tourism experience in Northern Ireland.”

Top Dishes

A particular highlight of Browns Bond Hill’s tantalizing taster menu is the Salt Baked Carrot served with Crispy Tofu, Cavolo Nero and Pistachio Crumb. Now there’s a lunch that goes crunch!


8. Pied à Terre-London

Asimakis Chaniotis

Pied à Terre is a critically acclaimed eatery. A proud owner of a Michelin star restaurant and dozens of other awards its been a centre of excellence within the culinary world since it opened its doors in 1991 and now, with its new head chef Asimakis at the wheel it’s ready to take on the Vegan culinary world as well.

Top Dishes

One of the many stars of the Vegan tasting menu at Pied à Terre is the Celeriac served with a Black Garlic Consommé and Autumn Truffles and Hazelnuts. If a walk through the woods was a meal it would be this.


9. Pollen Streets Social-London


Jason Atherton and Dale Bainbridge

The powerhouse that is Pollen Street Social is managed by the dynamic duo of Jason Atherton and Dale Bainbridge. After being open for just 5 months the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin Star. A mantra for the eatery is “we are only as good as our ingredients” and with the best suppliers in the country and phenomenal recopies they are that and more!

Top Dishes

With some truly amazing creations on their vegan tasting menu one the standouts is the Delica pumpkin sorbet served with spiced pumpkin seed crumb and sage. A spooky sounding sorbet that salivates the mouth.


10. Gauthier Soho–London

Alexis Gauthier

A revolutionary leap into vegan cooking in the high dining world, Alexis Gauthier’s beast of a restaurant has earned itself countless accolades as well a distinguished Michelin star. A proud patron for Veganism Alexis has combined his love for plants into a monumental Vegan tasting menu with some truly innovative plates.

Top Dishes

Out of the massive 8 course tasting menu one of the centre pieces is the Miso Caramelised Turnip & Quince served with Marsh Samphire, Shiso Leaf, Lemon Grass & a Ginger Broth. Truly a culinary work of art.


So hopefully this article proves the point that vegan cooking is anything but boring. These talented chefs have brought an explosion of natural colour to the high dining world and have given vegan cooking the respect it deserves with their innovative, illustrious dishes that put some of the worlds best chef’s traditional non vegan recipes to shame. Turns out not only is eating vegan food good for you and the planet, it actually tastes better than the normal bland food you get from most eateries. So Go Green or Go Home! GO VEGAN!

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