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QUIZ: Can you guess what these close ups of vegan Stuff are?

So you know your nori from your nooch, and your silky from your firm (tofu, that is). But how well do you really your vegan shizzle, and could you spot classic vegan foodstuffs from a mile off – or even up close? We’ve zoomed in on a bunch of classic vegan eats: can you recognise …

QUIZ: Can you score full marks in our ultimate vegan trivia quiz?

Think you know everything about veganism? Test yourself with our ultimate vegan quiz. Can you score full marks? Take the quiz now to see if you’re an expert on veganism. Share this quiz with your vegan friends to see if they can beat you, and share your score in comments section. Which question caught you …

QUIZ: Can you guess which of these celebrities are vegan?

Vegan is BIG among the celebs, and hundreds of our favourite A-Listers swear by plant-based diets to get into shape ahead of filming or performing. But which of the superstars are full time vegans? Test your celeb knowledge and take the quiz now.