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Quiz: Can you guess which Game of Thrones star said this about veganism and animal rights?

With a run of eight seasons and the largest ensemble cast on television, it’s no surprise that Game of Thrones features more than a few vegans. Can you match the stars of the show to their statements on animal welfare?

QUIZ: Where is your vegan spiritual home?

Is it the plant-based Mecca of Berlin, or are you down with the emerging vegan hotspot that is Edinburgh? Hate bagpipes, but love bicycles? Then perhaps Amsterdam is where you should be based. Take the quiz to find out how your vegan personality matches up with plant-powered geography!

QUIZ: Can You Guess What These Close Ups Of Vegan Stuff Are?

So you know your nori from your nooch, and your silky from your firm (tofu, that is). But how well do you really your vegan shizzle, and could you spot classic vegan foodstuffs from a mile off – or even up close? We’ve zoomed in on a bunch of classic vegan eats: can you recognise …

QUIZ: Can You Score Full Marks In Our Ultimate Vegan Trivia Quiz?

Think you know everything about veganism? Test yourself with our ultimate vegan quiz. Can you score full marks? Take the quiz now to see if you’re an expert on veganism. Share this quiz with your vegan friends to see if they can beat you, and share your score in comments section. Which question caught you …

QUIZ: What Type Of Vegan Are You?

There’s no such thing as a typical vegan, especially with more and more people adopting the lifestyle. But how about you? Laid back, ahead of the trend curve, or a no meat athlete? Take the quiz to find out what your answers says about your vegan personality type.

QUIZ: How much do you actually know about hummus?

It’s not just a dip you buy from the supermarket for a picnic, you know. Hummus deserves beatification – but how much do you know about it? Thought it was nothing more than a load of chickpeas and tahini? Take the quiz to find out whether you’re an aficionado or a total dip.

QUIZ: Can You Score A Perfect Ten In Our Vegan Facts Quiz?

There’s all kinds of information out there about veganism, some of it genuinely surprising, some of it just not true at all. In this quiz, we want to know whether you know your vegan facts from your vegan fiction. Start the quiz now to find out exactly how much you really know.

QUIZ: Can You Guess Which Of These Celebrities Are Vegan?

Vegan is BIG among the celebs, and hundreds of our favourite A-Listers swear by plant-based diets to get into shape ahead of filming or performing. But which of the superstars are full time vegans? Test your celeb knowledge and take the quiz now.