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These 20+ Unbearably Cute Animals Wearing Christmas Hats Should Stop Anyone Eating Meat This Christmas

Let’s set a familiar Christmas scene. You’re sat at the dinner table, about to tuck into a delicious vegan spread, when a family member pipes up…

“You’re vegan? That must be soooo HARD! Are you not jealous of these delicious pigs in blankets? I could never be vegan.”

Well you know what makes it pretty easy to be vegan? Enjoying animals in the way we should – by appreciating them for their unbelievable cuteness, rather than as our dinner.

Share these unbearably cute animals wearing Christmas hats with your meaty (and vegan!) friends to remind them that animals are friends, not food!

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Piglet Besties

Image courtesy of Longsight Nursery and Landscapes on Pinterest

How could anyone eat pork at Christmas after looking at those faces. Just LOOK at those tiny noses!

Double Trouble

Image courtesy of Tamara Lewis on Pinterest

Because when you’ve had a few glasses of wine on Christmas day, sometimes one Santa’s hat just isn’t enough.

Cheeky Lamb

Image courtesy of folia-myst on Tumblr

Vegans can enjoy that cheeky little grin without an ounce of guilt.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Image courtesy of Fine Art America

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” the piggy Santa cheers to express his Christmas joy.

Piggy Poser

Image courtesy of Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta.

This festive pig is serving up Blue Steel to seduce our vegan admiration.

Family Festivities

Image courtesy of Kósa Bíborka on Pinterest

It doesn’t matter what species you are, everyone just wants to spend Christmas with the ones they love the most.

The Winter Explorer

Image courtesy of Daily Squee

‘Follow me!’ the winter explorer exclaims as he storms off into the forest on a Christmas adventure.

Wise Old Lamb

Image courtesy of Emma Blakey on Pinterest

This Christmas lamb is full of wisdom and insight, you can see it in her eyes! And she’s wrapped up nice and warm for the festivities.

Stuck In The Snow

Image courtesy of Angela Jackson on Pinterest

This sweet pig is going to get his little hooves stuck in the snow if it gets any deeper!

Babe: Pig in the Christmas City

Image courtesy of Tamara Lewis on Pinterest

OK, so there may be a bit of image editing at play in this one, but who can complain when you look at the tiny cute pig’s hairy little chin?!

Chilly Chappy

Image courtesy of D G on Pinterest

Ever been so freezing at Christmas that your bottom teeth start chattering away?

Scruffy Strutter

Image courtesy of Tamara Lewis on Pinterest

This scruffy little pig is strutting his stuff getting ready for a totally plant-based Christmas.

Boy Racer

Image courtesy of Laimužė Liūtukė on Pinterest

A mini pig in a mini hat by a mini tree – it’s just too much to deal with!

Playing It Cool

Image courtesy of Allposters

This lovely lamb is totally chilled out this Christmas, relaxing by the festive fire.

So Damn Hungry!

Image courtesy of Daily Squee

This massive guy is licking his lips in anticipation of a fully plant-based Christmas feast this year. Yum!

Mooey Christmas

Image courtesy of Jean Stanley on Pinterest

This stunning cow is on a Christmas mission, ploughing through the snow!

The Disguise

Image courtesy of Points In Case

“I’m a reindeer! I can fly!”

Judgemental Christmas

Image courtesy of Eden Hills

This Christmas goat knows all your deepest, darkest secrets

Merry Christmoos

Image courtesy of Samantha McCormick on Pinterest

As vegans know, cows just want a bit of love and attention during the holidays.

Too Much Emotion

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed

This beautiful baby goat is Christmas joy in its purest form.

Which Christmas animal do you think is the cutest? Tell us in the comments section below, and share to remind people not to eat animals this Christmas!

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