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About Us

Totally Vegan Buzz is a team of compassionate vegans who aim to inform and entertain the plant-based community.

To do our bit to aid the growth of the vegan movement, we provide breaking news on animal rights issues, hold the meat and dairy industries to account, give a platform to activists and inform the wider world about environmentalism.

Though veganism is no joke, the plant-based community deserves some light relief every now and then. We have a fun side to keep you entertained – offering vegan humour, videos, quizzes, music, food, reviews and much more.

Totally Vegan Buzz welcomes vegans from our hometown of Brighton, UK, and throughout the world, to join our community and help boost veganism in any way you can.

Whether you’re interested in internships and work opportunities, or contributing opinion pieces, reviews, recipes, pictures and videos, we’d love to hear from you at hello@totallyveganbuzz.com.

Meet the Team

  • Layla Brook


  • Oli Gross


  • Immy Keys


  • Anu Kondal


  • Shivangi Sharma

    Digital & Production Editor

  • James Armstrong

    Social Media Strategist

  • Caroline James

    Video Producer

  • Ziggy

    Head of Food Inspection

  • Owais Amiri