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About Totally Vegan Buzz

Totally Vegan Buzz is a team of compassionate vegans who aim to inform and entertain the plant-based community. To do our bit to aid the growth of the vegan movement, we provide breaking news on animal rights issues, hold the meat and dairy industries to account, give a platform to activists and inform the wider world about environmentalism.

Though veganism is no joke, the plant-based community deserves some light relief every now and then. We have a fun side to keep you entertained – offering vegan humour, videos, quizzes, music, food, reviews and much more.

Totally Vegan Buzz welcomes vegans from our hometown of Brighton, UK, and throughout the world, to join our community and help boost veganism in any way you can.

Whether you’re interested in internships and work opportunities, or contributing opinion pieces, reviews, recipes, pictures and videos, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

Our Values

Veganism We’re passionate about promoting a vegan lifestyle to the world and we believe in building a better future for animals and humans alike.

Community Totally Vegan Buzz is much more than a news source, it is a community for vegans and the vegan-curious – we welcome anyone and everyone to join in the chat on our social media platforms and our Ask Vegans Anything forum.

Humanity Our business is founded on the principles of respect, kindness and compassion. We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Authenticity We value trustworthiness, searching for authenticity in all that we feature. You can guarantee that all of the news we provide has been reliably sourced, fact-checked and verified to be genuinely accurate.


  • Shivangi Sharma
    Shivangi Sharma

    Shivangi is a marketing communications specialist at Totally Vegan Buzz. Amongst many other things, Shivangi coordinates website, video and social media content, and is extremely knowledgeable about the vegan sector.
  • Oli Gross

    Oli is a dedicated vegan and lover of both animals and our planet. His background in local newspaper and magazine journalism have helped help shape his reporting on the diverse world of veganism.
  • Samhita Foria
    Samhita Foria

    Samhita Foria is a journalist at Totally Vegan Buzz with a penchant for novelty socks, veganising any recipe that comes her way and the colour yellow. As much as she tries she cannot stop writing about vegan food and her greatest talent is spending all her money on the latest vegan treats.
    Follow her on Twitter @samhitaforia or for the best samosas in Brighton follow @btn_samosa_sagas on Instagram.
  • Plum Phillips
    Plum Phillips

    Before she’s anything, Plum Phillips is vegan (for the animals and the planet in equal measure). But when she’s not chowing down on pure plant power, she’s a writer. Her writerly background is in general wellness and lifestyle topics, but here on Totally Vegan Buzz she veganised her contributions for current affairs, humour and a bunch of quizzes.
  • Laura Stupple
    Laura Stupple

    Laura Stupple is a freelance content manager based on the south coast, with a passion for all things vegan. She specialises in SEO content, social media management and making brilliant cups of tea.
  • Joe Kirstein
    Joe Kirstein

    Joe Kirstein is a writer for Totally Vegan Buzz. With an undying love for creativity, his passions include music, design, fashion and vegan food. When he’s not holed up in his studio writing and producing for his band, you’ll find him scrolling through Instagram looking at gourmet plates, clothes and bedrooms with an expensive price tag he wishes he could afford. If it isn’t minimalist it’s not for this millenial. You can follow him on Instagram @kickingthekurb to catch up with all this creative endeavors.
  • Charlotte Coates
    Charlotte Coates

    Charlotte is a freelance writer who is passionate about veganism and sustainability. Although she is currently living the digital nomad life, she considers Brighton her spiritual home. She has a weakness for vegan cakes and can usually be found either with her head in a book or planning her next travel adventure.
  • Charley Hill
    Charley Hill

    Charley Hill is a content writer for Totally Vegan Buzz. Based in the heart of Brighton, she loves all things bright, bold and loud! She loves to make a statement in everything she does and her love of fashion shows just how important colour plays in her life. She is constantly researching a wide range of topics focusing around her lifestyle in the city. She’s very passionate about looking after others and the planet. You can follow her journey on Instagram @charleyehill
  • Bethany Chester
    Bethany Chester

    Bethany Chester is a freelance writer and the editor of Seedling, a free online vegan magazine. She also blogs on her site, Little Green Seedling. When she’s not writing, she loves yoga, meditation, reading, and spending time in nature.
  • Anu Kondal
    Anu Kondal

    Anu Kondal is a digital writer at Totally Vegan Buzz. Anu specialises in informative articles about vegan food, drink and general plant-based knowledge. Anu is an accomplished researcher and educational writer and is an expert on vegan trivia.
  • Marlon Farrugia
    Marlon Farrugia

    Marlon Farrugia is a freelance writer from Brighton. He has been a dedicated vegan for many years, and animal rights is a strong theme in much of his work. He is primarily a humorist and fiction writer, with a background in theatre and music. Visit him at marlonwrites.com.